Adoption Attorney

If you are in the process of an adoption in Metro Atlanta or you are about to begin the process, you are going to want to hire a local Adoption Attorney as soon as possible.

The adoption process can sometimes get very tricky and lengthy. Having an experienced and knowledgeable adoption agency will certainly be in your favor. When looking to hire your attorney, be sure that it is someone whom you can trust and who you feel is knowledgeable enough to know exactly what to do and when. Bryan P. Hilton is exactly that person. Bryan is very committed to his family and he understands the importance of family. You want someone like this on your side when you are walking through the Adoption Process.

Here are a few things Bryan can help you with:

  • He can lead you through the sometimes lengthy adoption process
  • He will guide you through the sometimes tricky procedural requirements
  • General adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Termination of parental rights

Adoption laws must be followed to the letter in order for there to be a successful adoption. This is where hiring Bryan as your Douglas County Adoption Attorney will come in handy.

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Adoption Myths and Truths

Here are a few common Myths about Adoptions and their truths as according to

Myth: You have a to have a lot of money and own a house to adopt from foster care.

Truth: You don’t need to own your own home, be wealthy, have children already, or be a stay-at-home parent to adopt. Most adoptions from U.S. foster care are free and any minimal costs associated with them are often reimbursable. In addition, there are many different types of post-adoption resources, such as medical assistance and financial adoption assistance, based on the special needs of a child to help support and sustain adoptions from the U.S. foster care system.

Myth: You can only adopt a child who is the same race and ethnicity as you.

Truth: Federal law prohibits the delay or denial of an adoptive placement based on the race or ethnicity of a child in U.S. foster care and the prospective parent or parents who are seeking to adopt them. The only exception to this law is the adoption of Native American children where special considerations apply.

Myth: You can't adopt a neighbor's child or one you know personally or professionally.

Truth: When a child is removed from their home by a court order and is placed into U.S. foster care, and then later becomes available for adoption (meaning their birth parents’ rights have been legally terminated), a caseworker will often explore connections the child already has with supportive adults in their life as possible placements for adoption or foster care. This is known as case-file mining and is a proven best practice in finding temporary or permanent placements for children served by the U.S. foster care system

Myth: You can't adopt a child or sibling group from another State.

Truth: There are 104,000 children in U.S. foster care available for adoption. Families adopt children from outside their State every single month. Sometimes these adoptions can take a little longer because of the process involved with moving a child from one State to another. However, the wait is worth it in the end.

If you are considering an adoption, please do not be scared away from the adoption process. Allow Bryan to walk you through it hand in hand.

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